Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM)

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding (VARTM), or resin infusion, is a molding technique where a dry preform is infused with resin under applied vacuum. It typically employes a single-sided tool which is loaded with a dry fiber reinforcement preform. After layup is complete, a plastic/polymer vacuum bag is applied to evacuate all air from the part environment. A leak check is performed at this stage to verify vacuum integrity and to maximize the probability of success during the process. Resin is introduced at strategic locations in the bag, and the pressure differential created by the vacuum drives the resin through the preform until the entire part volume has been saturated. Heat is applied to the system to allow the resin to fully cure and solidify the structure.


Key Benefits of VARTM

  1. Part Size Range: Nearly any part size is compatible with the VARTM process, from small handheld to extremely large components, such as yacht hulls and wind turbine blades.
  2. Optimized Resin Distribution: VARTM allows for controlled distribution of resin throughout the composite, ensuring consistent quality and performance.
  3. Low Void Content: The infusion process minimizes voids within the laminate, resulting in enhanced structural integrity and reliability.
  4. Practical: VARTM is a relatively cost-effective solution compared to RTM and autoclave cure processes due to lower tooling and processing costs.

Nammo Composite Solutions has extensive experience with the VARTM process on a variety of parts, using both single and double bagging methods. Company engineers specialize in configuring the resin flow media, resin inlets, and vacuum positions to optimize process time and laminate quality. Our company’s professionals perform several resin infusions daily in tightly controlled processes with multiple error proofing measures to improve reliability and repeatability.