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Our Company 

Nammo Composite Solutions specializes in the engineering and manufacture of composite structures and assemblies. With more than 30 years of operations, Nammo Composite Solutions has extensive experience producing composite structures for defense and commercial applications.

Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, Nammo Composite Solutions operates in a state-of-the-art 90,000 square foot facility. The Nammo team includes composite technicians, skilled machinists, quality inspectors, engineers, supply chain professionals, and program managers.

Nammo Corporate

Nammo is a technology-driven aerospace and defense company specializing in high-performance solutions. As a leading provider of ammunition and rocket motors for military and civilian customers around the globe, Nammo operates through four business units: Commercial Ammunition, Small and Medium Caliber Ammunition, Large Caliber Systems, and Aerospace Propulsion.

With the United States division headquartered in Arizona and the corporate headquarters in Norway, Nammo has more than 2,800 employees, operates 27 manufacturing and productions sites, and has a presence in 11 countries. Learn more at www.nammo.com.


In September of 1991, Composite Solutions, LLC was created. Over the next several years, Composite Solutions saw steady growth, and expanded capabilities and manufacturing operations.

In 2000, Composite Solutions began to operate in Murray, Utah until 2011, when the company relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah.

In 2009, Composite Solutions was acquired by Nammo and was rebranded to Nammo Composite Solutions. With significant investments by Nammo and extensive in-house expertise, Nammo Composite Solutions has become a leading engineering and composites manufacturing company.