Nammo Composite Solutions considers Suppliers essential partners in success. The company will foster and maintain relationships with suppliers who share the same vision and beliefs of Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Innovation, and Quality.

Nammo Composite Solutions is committed to providing customers with products that meet the highest standards in quality and value. The company strives to be the customers’ supplier of choice through competitive pricing, innovation and best practices in design and manufacturing. In turn, Nammo Composite Solutions actively seeks suppliers who are dedicated to these identical principles and share this same commitment.

Nammo Composite Solutions values suppliers who are flexible, forward-thinking and continually improving capabilities, performance and quality. Nammo Composite Solutions is committed to respecting suppliers and the unique expertise each brings – whether advanced technical solutions, rapid lead time improvements, or manufacturing prowess. The company is committed to building a long-standing relationship with suppliers who excel in the products they produce and services they provide.


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