Implementing Lean Six Sigma strategies, tools and techniques can eliminate waste from workplace processes, making them more efficient and as free from errors as possible. Over the course of Nammo’s ongoing journey to improve operational excellence, lead time is down, profitability is trending up and there’s a significant reduction in scrap – in fact the organization finished out with less than half a percent of manufacturing scrap in 2023.

Training in Lean Six Sigma is benefiting the team at Nammo in Salt Lake City as we eliminate errors, slash waste, save costs, develop a new company culture, reach across all departments, focus on customer satisfaction, attract better business partners, facilitate risk management, and work on strategic planning. Most significantly, the team has established a culture of continuous improvement, across all levels of the organization, with a sharp focus on goals and improvements.

Leading Nammo Composite Solutions through the Lean and Six Sigma journey is Jessica ‘Jess’ Lohse. Jess joined the company in 2017 as a process engineer, and then the following year she stepped up to lead the Lean Six Sigma program. She uses the knowledge gained through her Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification – working as a full-time change agent and as a catalyst for process improvement. In collecting important data in the manufacturing workplace, Jess shared that “It is by using data that we increase the effectiveness of our decisions, communications, and alignment of our limited resources.”

In 2023, Jess was recognized by the Utah Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Initiative (UAMMI) as one of the Utah Women at the Forefront of Utah’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry. UAMMI brings together partners to assure growth and sustainability of manufacturing clusters. As part of the recognition, it was noted that the honorees are contributing to the vitality of the advanced manufacturing industry and providing role models for other women and girls.

Site President and General Manager, Nate Lodder has witnessed the far-reaching impact of providing Lean training for all employees onsite, beginning with their on-boarding as new hires. “Today we have approximately 10 percent of the workforce that have achieved Green Belt status (or greater) and a culture that provides an understanding of what we can do to improve – mitigating risk, making a safer workplace, and enhancing profitability,” said Lodder.

For the team at Nammo Composite Solutions, applying these fully-supported methods – Lean and Six Sigma – continues to guide growth, and facilitates our ability to provide the best possible quality, cost, and delivery to customers. Working together, the team is focused on waste reduction, emphasizing variation reduction, and using statistical data analysis to make the workplace as efficient and effective as possible. With a vibrant and active Lean Six Sigma program, including good operational controls, Nammo Composite Solutions will be around for long haul. Lodder emphasized, “We have a lens focused on continuous improvement, affordability – and with a team committed to professional excellence, we’re achieving our goals, and very importantly benefiting Nammo’s customers.”

Jessica ‘Jess’ Lohse is the program leader for Nammo Composite Solutions’ Lean Six Sigma organization. She brings professionalism and passion to her role, acting as a catalyst for process improvement. Jess holds four patents and earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Westminster University.

Production Planner, Charles ‘Chaz’ Carpenter, pictured above with Nammo Composite Solutions (NCS) President and General Manager, Nate Lodder and Lean Six Sigma Leader, Jess Lohse, proudly displays his Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Chaz joined NCS in 2015 and is an enthusiastic contributor – always willing to step-up to tackle challenges.

As employees join Nammo Composite Solutions (NCS) they receive Lean Six Sigma White Belt training. They learn the importance of waste reduction and are welcomed into the company’s culture of continuous improvement. The training sets expectations and builds on the elements that reinforces the company’s commitment to employees and customers.