Earning recognition within the composites industry is a highlight for the employees working at Nammo Composite Systems LLC. As professionals dedicated to providing excellence to the customers we’re serving day after day, being selected as a 2022 Composites World magazine Top Shop is a notable achievement.  

The responses submitted to the publication provided a general overview of our beginnings manufacturing filament-wound products for industry and then over time producing components for aerospace and defense. The Composites World article noted that the company “successfully streamlined several manufacturing processes, reducing costs and production lead time” and that supported opportunities to take on additional business.  

Within Nammo, we understand that recognition is essential to attracting, developing and retaining engaged and loyal employees. We’re in competition for talent and know that valuing employees and acknowledging their workplace achievements is important. It’s the employees’ efforts that helped Nammo Composite Solutions achieve this CW Top Shop recognition. 

Additionally, this recognition is allowing Nammo to spotlight our company’s emphasis on sustainability. As the article noted, we use “several key initiatives including energy-efficient lighting and equipment, as well as ensuring that excess/expired materials are donated to local technical colleges to enhance classroom learning.” Nammo is committed to protecting the environment and to doing business in a transparent and responsible manner.