We know the importance of working for customers serving today in the various branches of the United States military – as well as for multiple commercial customers. The team at Nammo Composite Solutions LLC (NCS) in Salt Lake City, Utah has a clear understanding of the significance of delivering quality products on-time to meet contracted commitments. 

Each employee steps up and leans in to ensure that Nammo keeps our promises to customers.  

Within the NCS organization, we’re proud to have employees who previously served in the military, and many others who have family members and close friends in uniform today defending America’s freedom around the globe. As we celebrated Veterans Day 2023, employees with prior service in the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Air Force and the Army National Guard were recognized by leadership and the entire team. Site General Manager & President, Nate Lodder thinks of extended family members and friends as he leads the recognition event at the Salt Lake City site, saying, “The focused attention of every employee helps to drive our achievements for customers – and veterans bring an added measure to ensure the rigorous requirements of service members are met.”

 In a story published on the Department of Defense news site on 11 November 2023, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III said, “Thank you to all our veterans for your courage, strength and dedication to keeping us safe. Thank you for all that you have given to keep America safe. You have our deepest gratitude and our everlasting commitment to continue to uphold the values that you defended.”

 To all veterans, from Nammo – thank you for protecting America’s citizens and for defending our rights and freedoms.


L-R: JT Bartschi (Marine Corps), Joshua Nielsen (Marine Corps), Dominic Youngren (Marine Corps), Colin Horstman (Army National Guard), and Brandon Hotchkiss (Air Force)