What We Do

What we do

Custom design and manufacturing of composite structures

Nammo Composite Solutions (Nammo CS) specializes in providing design and manufacturing "solutions" for technically challenging composite products. High-Temp, thick wall, low CTE, tight tolerance, odd shapes, and cored composite structures are a few examples of "difficulty” niches we service. With a broad range of composites manufacturing and machine shop capabilities to draw from, Nammo CS designs the most efficient process, or combination of processes, to manufacture these challenging composite structures. We have extensive in house processing expertise in filament winding, braiding, resin transfer molding (RTM), bladder molding, autoclave/oven/press curing, metal and composite tooling fabrication, and extensive machining equipment and capabilities. Nammo CS takes a “M&P Neutral” stance to design, as it’s our belief that the best material and processes will “trade out”. We do not push the technologies that fit our processes.

Nammo CS serves a wide range of industries including defense, marine, oil, commercial, and recreational. By focusing on a “partnership” mentality and truly value added service, most of our customers have been with us for over a decade.

Composite Solutions differentiates itself from the competition in serveral distinct areas:

  • 1. Our ability to engineer composite structures - We have a broad understanding of design, stress analysis, available materials, tolerances in concert with manufacturing processes to find the optimum approach.
  • 2. We rapidly and effectively manage tooling and product development into full produciton - Composite Solutions has built large, low volume structures as well as smaller, intricate, high volume pieces with strict tolerances (over 1,000 pieces per month).
  • 3. State of the art application of filament winding - Composite Solutions was founded in 1990 by developing and building a 4 axis CNC machine capable of winding prepreg tow, which was then a new material. Since then, we have developed six (6) more winding machines tailored to our production needs. Our latest addition is a 3 spindle, 4 axis machine recently added to support higher production rate programs.
  • 4. Long term relationships with our customers - Our approach with every project is to provide open communication, technical support, professional workmanship and on time delivery. Virtually all of our current customers are long term, repeat customers.