AS9100 Certified Composite Aerostructures Design & Fabrication Source

Nammo CS is a capable and qualified design and manufacturing source for advanced composite aerostructures. Our state-of-the art facility is equipped to handle aerostructures both large and small. Our staff has experience processing the most advanced epoxy, BMI, phenolic, and cyanate ester resin matrices. Whether clean room hand layup of advanced materials for foam or honeycomb laminates and subsequent autoclave cure, or resin transfer molding of complex shapes, Nammo CS can support your next generation aerostructures.

Nammo CS currently provides Fuselage components, lightweight wings, tail components, radomes, ground based reflectors, EMI-shielded access panels, and other sandwich laminates for aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

advanced aerostructures