Our manufacturing operations are based in a 90,000 square foot facility. For composite manufacturing, Nammo CS has an extensive array of equipment to support a variety of fabrication methods: clean rooms, ovens, a large autoclave, several winding machines, multiple presses, multiple table rollers, freezers, and ply cutters to name a few.

Nammo CS also has ancillary equipment to support our growing assembly, paint, and testing operations.

SLC, Utah (1000 S and 500 W aka Fayette Ave.)


For the highest quality of composites manufacturing, there is nothing better than a dry climate. The low humidity of the high desert valley where we reside is ideal for consistency of product. For this reason, and many others, Salt Lake City and the surrounding metro area is well known as a major "hub" of the composites manufacturing industry. These factors allow Nammo CS easy access to everything from educational support, technical training, material supply, to experienced labor pool, and much more. One of the biggest benefits of doing business with Nammo CS is our location. Located at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in the heart of the Salt Lake City valley, we're less than 10 minutes from Salt Lake International Airport.